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Monthly Archives: March 2018
Gym Etiquette

Are you practicing your gym etiquette?   One of the barriers towards a newbie weight trainer is the overall “unknown” towards gym culture. People don’t want to show up somewhere and feel like they are out of place, but I’ve never been to a gym where members or people that worked there were not compassionate, welcoming, encouraging, or understanding to new comers and beginners. Everyone has to begin somewhere. Don’t […]

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Meal Prep Services: Helpful or a Money Grab?

How helpful are meal prep services and are they right for you? Meal prep service companies have been popping up, and maybe they are nothing more than super trendy packaging, fancy social media, and over priced bland food you can do yourself. On the other hand, maybe they are a highly effective healthy food service that noticed the problem our society was having in providing healthy meal options…and offered a […]

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How to Implement Fasted Cardio

  Fasted cardio simply means performing cardiovascular activity with no source of immediate food energy. When we eat food, there is a glucose response in the blood which means a presence of energy, the glucose is used to fuel our bodies cells. No matter what, glucose/glycogen is the very last chemical change that occurs from our food metabolism. When someone says “burn fat” this is a simple expression used to […]

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Release Your Hip Flexors

Release Your Hip Flexors- Improve Performance The hip flexors play a massive role in our day to day lives, they flex our hips! Our busy population actually spends a lot of time in hip flexion, because we are a population of sitters! We sit at our desk jobs, we sit during our commute, we sit when we get home from our day (when we can at least), and students are […]

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What Affects Metabolic Rate

What Can Affect Your Metabolic Rate?   Our metabolic rate is how efficiently and quickly we utilize energy, i.e. calories from food. The faster your metabolic rate, the faster your body processes, digests, and uses (burns) the energy consumed. Despite what you may believe, you are not born with one metabolic rate and that’s just it. Your metabolism may be “slow”, but you can completely change your metabolic rate making […]

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