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Monthly Archives: May 2018
Stop Using Your Gender as an Excuse

Stop Using Your Gender as an Excuse   One thing I hear all the time is women blaming their weight, or inability to achieve a desired physique on the fact they are a woman. Now listen, of course there are physiological and anatomical differences between a man and woman. Of course our hormonal structure is different, whereby men have a much higher level of naturally occurring testosterone and women have […]

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Grazing vs. Bingeing

Grazing vs. Bingeing: How it Hurts Fat Loss   Food is energy, calories are how we measure how much energy our food will provide us. When we eat, it raises our blood sugar and this suggests a presence of food energy in our body. When blood sugar rises as a response to our digesting meal, this in turn releases insulin. Insulin binds to the blood sugar i.e. glucose, and carries […]

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Insulin Spikes Are Ruining Your Goals

Insulin Spikes Are Ruining Your Goals   No matter what macronutrient you eat, i.e. protein, carbs, or fats…there will be an insulin response. Our pancreas will secrete insulin when there is an indication of food energy i.e. calories in the system. Our food is digested and insulin binds to glucose, and carries it to where it needs to go. Where you want it to go is into your muscle bellies, […]

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Restore Probiotic Review & The Effects Of Mass Farming On Our Guts

Restore Probiotic Review & The Effects Of Mass Farming On Our Guts   Restore is a liquid probiotic, but what makes this probiotic stand out from the rest is the addition of carbon molecules/snowflakes. Pre-WW2 soil was rich with carbon molecules, but due to mass farming our soil is weak with carbon molecules and good nutrients. We have T-junctions in our gut lining that keeps our gut lining strong and […]

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Long Hair Don’t Care-Eat For Hair Growth

Long Hair Don’t Care: Eat For Hair Growth Hair is made up of protein. The building blocks of protein are amino acids, essential amino acids come from the food we eat. Essential amino acids are different from amino acids as they are the actual builders of our bodies material i.e. cardio and muscular fiber, cell walls, organs, hair, nails. Our body does not make essential amino acids naturally, we must ingest […]

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