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Monthly Archives: February 2018
Are You Lifting Heavy Enough?

Are you Lifting Heavy Enough?   The weight you lift during your workouts and for each body part is relative to ability and proper execution. You could ask someone how much they squat and they say something impressive like 200lbs. The next day you see them in the gym squatting 200lbs and the form is an absolute nightmare, their knees buckle in, their waist folds in half and their chest […]

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Amino Acids and Plant-Based Diets

Amino Acids and How to Incorporate into Plant-Based Diets   Our muscles are made up of fibers, these fibers are made up of cells, amino acids are what help build, repair, and construct healthy cell walls. Fats help keep existing cells robust, vibrant, receptive and healthy, but amino acids are what build strong and healthy cell walls and parts. Our body creates amino acids, but essential amino acids are what […]

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Feeling Lethargic? This May Be Why…

Feeling Lethargic? This May Be Why… All day you seem to battle energy crashes, and no amount of coffee can keep you awake and alert. Here are some reasons you may be suffering low energy/lethargy:   You are Undermining Your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR): You are undercutting how much energy/calories it takes to keep your body living i.e. you are not eating enough. Do you know how many calories you […]

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Are Supplements and Vitamins Important

Are Supplements and Vitamins Important? Supplements and vitamins are very important when it comes to your weight loss results or overall body goals. They are not a scam, and no, you will not obtain all the extra nutrients and vitamins you need from the food you consume. For one, guaranteed your day to day food intake is not very diverse, it may be remotely the same day to day. On […]

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Scapular Winging: Do you Have it?

SCAPULAR WINGING When you are training your upper body, you may find your range of motion is severely limited. Maybe you are feeling a lot of the tension in your neck and traps when performing back exercises, or your shoulder exercises are especially tough to master. Muscle tension and overall tightness in the muscles surrounding your shoulder blades (scapula), chest muscles, and shoulder muscles will severely restrict your freedom of […]

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