Doll Fitness is thrilled to give you a boost this 2018 by providing a 4 week workout guide you can follow in the gym!


In 2017, we asked our dolls “what are some of the biggest barriers you face towards using a gym membership”, and the #1 answer was not having a guide to follow, and being unsure of what to do.  We heard you, and we want to help this issue directly by taking any guess work and stress out of the process. The mission is simply to see more dolls in the gym, working on progressing, working on their goals. Follow along with me through social media for exercise demonstrations, form tips, as well as extensive information on how you will be able to workout better, harder, and more efficiently. 2018 is all about creating conversation surrounding women’s fitness, and connecting to our dolls for a more valuable, personal, and educative experience.


We are looking forward to working with you and can’t wait to witness the amazing growth you will make in 2018! This is a great year to simply show up, put yourself out there, and start fulfilling your inner destiny… we know you have it in you.


Before downloading the Beginner Doll Gym Guide, kindly fill out the form below to access the downloadable PDF, and then click “SUBMIT”. A pop-up should appear where you will be able to download the pdf of the 4-week exercise guide.