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Monthly Archives: January 2017
My Anti-Stress Green Cocktail

My anti-stress cocktail consists of a valium, a bottle of wine to my face, and a shot of vodka in my afternoon latte. Haha! I’m just joking, I don’t like coffee. Anyways, herbs are a whole new world that I have been discovering lately, and I am kind of obsessed. The herbs I am using are all known as “adaptogens” and their job is to help us “adapt” to the […]

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Fix Your Attitude

It’s not very long into the new year, and whether it’s the lack of vitamin D, cold/flu season, or new year’s resolutions not turning out as expected, people’s morale is overall…garbage. But do you want to know something interesting about negativity and an overall bad attitude? It can make you fat. Since new year’s is usually the start of new diets, there is also a massive misconception that goes along […]

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Booty Pump vs. Booty Growth

Muscles can appear full, pumped up, and big while they are being exercised. This is due to blood and fluids rushing into the site where the muscle fibre stimulation is occurring, flushing lactic acid and cleaning up after the micro tears, as well as creating opportunity for new muscle fiber growth and repair. Any muscle can get “pumped”, but having a muscle pump versus dense muscle is differentiated immensely and […]

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