The Secret to Getting Ahead? Get Started.

Get going. Not in a minute, not tomorrow, and definitely not next week. I mean now. I am now a year into my business and have been extremely blessed with a steady flow of clients. What I am even more thankful about is how much all these different people, stories, backgrounds, and body types have taught me. The more information I absorb, whether it be from clinical evidence via training, or from books and articles, the more helpful information I will be able to pass on to you.

That being said, this blog is going to be about getting started on a new lifestyle, and how to actually start. This is the issue right? You bought whatever it was with great intentions, only to let it sit and collect dust. But your intentions were pure at the moment, so then what the f**k happened?! Did that sudden BURST of motivation disappear as quickly as it arrived? No. I don’t believe that for a second. There was a reason you looked for help, and now its time to actually walk through the doorway that you repeatedly approach, but never knock.

Here are my tips for starting what should have been started a long ass time ago:

  1. Physically write on your plan: Print out your meal plan, guide, or whatever it is that you are attempting to commit to, and write on it. How is this new lifestyle going to fit into your current routine? Are you going to need a quick option somewhere? Is there one day where you will be traveling a lot and will need an option there as well? To be honest, your chance of failure is extremely high if you expect to integrate something new into your life without even attempting to make it work on paper. Without a proper plan, you are not actually putting in any effort needed that will make the plan work. Rather, you are relying on the plan to work for you. Do you due diligence, and plan it out.


  1. Start Immediately, Incorporate Slowly: Start. Immediately. Even if that means the only ingredients you have are to make are your afternoon snack, then do that. By even just incorporating an afternoon snack into your routine will be a step towards integrating the full routine. This plan should be something you can maintain for life, so it doesn’t have to start off perfectly with a bang. Slowly add groceries, get used to the prep, and ease yourself into it.

  1. Don’t Leave it to One Day: Do not expect to shop for everything on your plan on a Sunday with good intentions to kill it on the Monday. You are setting yourself up for a very overwhelming week. Research how long meats last in the fridge, and plan out when you will need to cook more food. You will likely be prepping 2-3 days out of the week unless you have a prep service which most towns and cities have now. The Prep Shop in Markham is what I have used, and continue to use for the last year.


  1. Iron Out the Kinks: Once you have your plan, have done some shopping, and have attempted prepping, you should be excited for your new week ahead. It is important to not get too discouraged when this first week turns out to be a total disaster. You will likely miss meals, will have to throw out food you thought would be fresh (another reason for a Prep Service), and your friends and family will be asking you to go for drinks and dinners. It is important to look at week 1 not as an official start, more like you were “ironing out some kinks” before it actually starts. This does not mean you are lofty and do not try your best, the most of week 1 is to do it with your best intentions, but life is going to happen, and you will have to find a way to maneuver around it in order to see your goals come to fruition. Week 1: Iron out kinks. Week 2: destroy, destroy, destroy!!!

Don’t forget to stay in touch! Comment below and let me know what you are thinking. Have these exercise and meal plan tips helped you enhance your diet and workout plan? #DollTalk