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Monthly Archives: April 2016
The 50/50 Diet

The 50/50 Diet Despite what infomercials or Instagram advertisements claim, losing weight, leaning out, or building muscle is NOT an easy process. There are a ton of barriers such as confusion, time, prepping, and patience, which hardly anyone has nowadays. The ironic part about all those limitations is the fact if you get past them, the end result leaves you feeling more confident, energetic, healthier, and optimistic than before. Plus, […]

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The Rebound

The Rebound             You go through a ton of effort, dedication, and commitment to losing pounds and getting to a shape you feel comfortable and happy in. It may have been a long road, but you made it, and you are thrilled. So now what? There are so many strategies, tricks, gimmicks, and products in order to lose weight. However, there is not a ton of advice on what you […]

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