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Monthly Archives: February 2016
3 Ways to Maximize your Workout Results

3 Ways to Maximize your Workout Results Feeling stagnant and unenthusiastic about your workout routine can be very common. Hitting a bump in the road because you may not be reaping the rewards from your effort can make anyone eventually lose motivation. But never fear! There are many ways you can maximize and re-ignite your workout gains without having to put more hours in the gym or find new exercises […]

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5 Ways to Make Clean Eating Interesting

5 Ways to Make Clean Eating Interesting It is a fact that as soon as you tell someone they cannot have something, it’s the single thing they want the most. People become transfixed on the “forbidden fruit” even though they may not have thought about it prior to being told they cannot have it. This holds true for those who are dieting or on a meal plan. Unfortunately—but rather ironically—it […]

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What’s Happening to Women’s Fitness?

What’s Happening to Women’s Fitness? I was doing some research on Instagram the other day getting ready for a small fitness photoshoot for Doll Fitness. I’m not a model whatsoever and have no knowledge on what my “best side is” or how I should pose while taking the perfect selfie. I was looking for some inspiration on what to do until I found myself confused as to what I had […]

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The Truth About the Numbers – What Your Scale Refuses to Tell You

The Truth about the Numbers – What your Scale Refuses to Tell you Many experts have suggested that frequently weighing yourself allows you to measure bodily changes, maintain a consistent weight, and hold you accountable. In my opinion, however, your bathroom scale can be very detrimental to your weight loss success and self esteem in general. It shocks me that to this day—even with endless access to above-average educational tools—women judge […]

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