Ruby’s Transformation – There is no Magic Wand, It’s Called Dedication.

From a distance, it may have looked like Ruby had nothing to complain about. After all, her aesthetician business in Markham was booming, with more than 600 clients requesting her services.

And yet, Ruby struggled to wholeheartedly appreciate her success due to the state of her health. When she started training at Doll Fitness on September 28th, 2015, she weight 167 lbs. She had no energy to get through the day, was in perpetual pain, and felt altogether unhappy with how her body looked and functioned. She was taking two extra-strength Tylenol pills every day and was on Celebrex, a prescription medication aimed to reduce inflammation and pain in her body.


Additionally, her weak bladder had her running to the washroom 12 – 15 times a day and waking up constantly throughout the night. She would urgently leave clients halfway through a service and was uneasy about visiting public places for fear that they wouldn’t have a bathroom nearby. It had been such a disruption to her life that she was even considering seeing a specialist to undergo a risky surgery.

To make matters worse, the weak musculature in her core negatively affected her scoliosis and caused laboured breathing—something even her clients commented on. And let’s not forget the detached retina Ruby suffered from in early 2015. The injury not only affected her health and wellbeing, but her income level as well. When she was able to return back to work, the hours were strenuous to compensate for the time she had taken off.

After analyzing her lifestyle, food diary, and overall routine, I noticed a few trends: She was not eating consistently, fasting due to work, choosing high carb snacks, and was overeating when she did find time for a meal.

We worked together for 3 months, adjusting her lifestyle and wellness plan as well as her training. Due to her inspiring willingness and incredible commitment to turn her life around, Ruby has gone through an impressive transformation.


Fast forward to December 26th for her final weigh in, and Ruby lost 22 lbs. and 15.5 inches. Proudly standing at 145 lbs., she has also gone from a size 14 to a size 8. But while the drastic change to her body composition is certainly something to be celebrated, it’s not the only benefit to her transformation. Now, Ruby is completely off Celebrex and has not touched a tylenol since a few weeks into her training and meal plan. When she recently visited her ophthalmologist, she learned that the high blood pressure behind her eyes—which caused the detached retina in the first place—was now normal and healthy. After completing the 3 month Doll Fitness training program, her bladder has regained strength and she no longer has to worry about going out in public for extended periods of time. She can complete client sessions with ease and can sleep soundly throughout the night.

You can tell from her before and after picture how much her posture has improved, too. Her breathing is not laboured, and she has more energy to get through her long work days.

Ruby also recently saw her ophthalmologist, who was happy to report that the very high blood pressure behind her eyes—which caused her detached retina in the first place—has gone down to a normal and healthy level.

Her bladder has strengthened, too. She can go in public for extended periods of time, remain with a client for the entire appointment, and sleep peacefully throughout the night.

Given the many lessons that can be taken away from Ruby’s transformation, her success story should not be taken lightly. For everyone who is unhappy with their body composition, currently facing disruptive medical issues, suffering from lack of energy, or relying on their medicine cabinet to feel just okay, you have the power to make a change. Regardless of if you’re a full-time employee, parent, student, or sole-proprietor to a 600-client business with a long commute, if you want something bad enough and you have enough dedication, you will succeed. There is no magic formula, magic wand or potion. It took hard work and commitment—something that no one can take away from Ruby. She stepped up in true Doll fashion and demanded to make the change she wanted to see in herself. If you have the will to accomplish something, there is always a way to do it if you want it bad enough, and Ruby is a testament to that fact.

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