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Kendall-About PageHey Doll,

I’m Kendall Wield, founder and proud owner of Doll Fitness. A Kinesiology Honours graduate, health nut since 14, and workout enthusiast. I’m also a nutrition junky, coffee addict, spiritual believer and — most importantly — a dreamer. I appreciate intelligent and meaningful conversations, I surround myself with good vibes only, and I love strong and intellectual women of the World. I have a sink or swim attitude, and I believe everything and everyone is put in your life for a reason. And it’s how we either challenge, learn from, or succumb to life’s chaos that carves out our future.Doll Fitness is a women’s-only private training, wellness and lifestyle service. I believe there is still a massive lack of knowledge among women in the fitness, nutrition, and health industry, and I am trying my best to change this.

Doll Fitness_851x315My personal mission is for more women to enter a corporate gym and actually use their gym membership effectively. Do you walk into a gym, feel lost, and then resort to cardio machines or home workouts? I want to change this. I want to see more women approach free weights or weight machines with confidence, and less women wasting away on an elliptical. I want to see more women discussing proper programming, super sets, giant sets, pause-rep transition, time under tension, rep tempo and proper form. This isn’t a conversation just for the boys. Ladies, we are missing out. I want women to enter the daunting “boy” section of the gym, and own it. There is a void I aim to fill. Educating and supporting each other is the answer.


I want to see less “no carb” diets, and more of a holistic approach to looking at food. Less starving, which leads to gorging, and more consistent eating. I want to see less ingredients in the foods you put in your body, and more 1 to 2 ingredient foods.

It took me approximately 8 years to finally understand my body and ignore all the insane marketing tools that a multi-billion-dollar fitness industry dangled in front of me (waist trainer anyone?). It took a lot of time, patience, and consistency, to create a positive, and healthy relationship with food, as well as a healthy relationship within myself. It never was this way. Trust me when I say it took me 8 years. I studied Kinesiology in University, exercise physiology, anatomy, biomechanics, etc. But sitting in a classroom with a professor droning on about chapter “whatever” under section “who cares” on page “boring” wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. It was not as applicable to real life as I wanted and hoped it would be. I had to go out and do the applying and researching myself by taking bits of what they taught me, diving into many other facets of the fitness industry, and then going through a lot of trial and error. It wasn’t until 2 years after I graduated that I started to get a grasp the human body and how it responds to proper training and clean eating. The fitness industry is extremely powerful and convincing, capable of making you believe it is not possible to achieve your dream body, but at the same time very possible. Through studying, educating, and researching all the different realms of the fitness world, I have managed to gain an intricate understanding of food and the overall connection between nutrition and exercise. It was a serious battle for a very long time, but I never gave up because I knew I was missing the bigger picture. I figured it out, and I want to give you my blue print.


At the end of the day, I designed Doll Fitness for women, not little girls. Women who want to learn, who want to step up, make a change, dig deep, and have the strength to stay committed. Doll Fitness is about women banding together, educating, and lifting each other up. I am so unbelievably sick and tired of girls competing against each other, festering in insecurity and sitting in the corner and judging. It is so transparent, and that’s not being a women at all, that’s being a little girl. Doll Fitness is about acknowledging you want to change, maybe realizing you have to deny the nightly binge drinking, and exchanging it for betterment in the gym or in the kitchen. It is about having the guts to reach out and actually put your goals and dreams into reality. Stop sitting and wishing and then repeating detrimental behaviours. Get up and be the change you want to see in yourself. It is possible, you are so very capable. Understanding and educating yourself is the first step. Unless you actually woman up, stop competing and comparing with each other, that change will never happen. It is up to you to decide. Make the change, and woman up, because it may not be the easiest thing, but I guarantee it will be the best thing you will ever do.

Cut the bullshit, lets get Doll Fit.

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